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However, caution should be exercised before the skin is too dry. If the natural acid protection coat of the skin is destroyed, the skin surface becomes dry and markedly more susceptible to the accumulation of impurities of different types. Therefore, large-pore skin should be treated with pH-neutral lotions or detergents seborrheic keratosis removal hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it is not recommended to use strongly greasy creams, but rather water-based agents which moisturize the skin. For very sensitive skin care must be taken that skin care products are not massaged with strong pressure, but rather spotted. In addition, pimples or blackheads should not be expressed as this can increase the size of large pores even further.

Because the skin of the affected persons can easily dry out during treatment, it is recommended to use a lot of water and moisture in the long term against large pores. Water improves the blood circulation and thus promotes the good nutrient supply of the skin. The pores expand in warm water, cold water decreases in time. About the steady drinking water should often be fed to the body. Together with natural substances such as herbal remedies (linden or willow) but also zinc, the skin can be refined. Glycacil is also suitable for treating large-pored skin. As a home remedy, tea is particularly popular, camomile tea extracts as well as black tea can help against large-pored skin.

So-called fruit acid peels are recommended by many medical specialists. Olive oil can be a component of cleansing skin masks, but should be avoided with large-pore skin. Masks are recommended for healing. In most cases, the active ingredient is alumina. Effectively, this removes toxins and impurities from the skin and can be obtained without prescription in drugstores or pharmacies.

Masks made of oat flakes are also known. Oat is mixed with milk and boiled. The resulting mask is then applied to the face or other parts of the body for at least half an hour seborrheic dermatitis hair loss temporary. An alternative to special steam baths, for example with chamomile extracts. Regular saunas can also have a positive effect on large-pored skin and improve the skin's appearance.

In the long term, it is particularly effective on the skin, if the person concerned moves sufficiently. Sport in the fresh air is particularly good to promote the blood circulation and healthy skin. Even a longer spa stay can have miracles here. The diet can help a large-pored skin in the treatment Seborrheic Dermatitis. It has been shown that dairy products can have a negative effect on the skin's appearance over the long term. Also excessive meat consumption is not recommended. Of course, people affected should abstain from alcohol and nicotine if possible.

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